Saturday, 10 January 2015

Week 2: Foxcatcher

Writer E Max Frye/Dan Futterman 
Director: Bennett Miller
Seen: Saturday 10th January
Location: IMC Galway
Snacks eaten: Smoked almonds (ooooo posh) + some Lidl chocolate 
Mood: Enigmatic

Foxcatcher is based on a amazing true story. Nevertheless, here’s a little advice, the less you know about the real story the more you’ll enjoy the film. It tells the story of wrestler Mark Schultz played by Channing Tatum, and his wrestling brother Dave Schultz played by Mark Ruffalo and their relationship with the peculiar (very peculiar) millionaire John du Pont played by Steve Carell.The brother’s move onto du Pont’s estate and begin to train for the 1988 Olympics and the story unfolds. 

Carell gives a very sincere and convincing performance and I often felt uncomfortable watching him play not only serious (he is of course predominately known for comedic roles) but also a very creepy character. The real du Pont was obviously mentally unstable and maybe the tragedy of this true story was that no one did anything to help him when the signs were there, before they got worse. The reason nobody said anything? Maybe, was because of  the other main theme in the film, money and the power that comes with it. John du Pont paid the wages, supplied the great facilitates and because of this he was never questioned or challenged.

It is brilliantly directed by Bennett Miller and he is brave in his decision to linger on some scenes causing unease for the viewer.  Channing Tatum, who would be my least preferred actor of the three is equally as good as Ruffalo and Carell and he shows confidence in his role. This has been described by some people as a strange film but then again the actual true life story is just as strange. For me though it is an excellently directed and acted film and one not to be missed.

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