Saturday, 17 January 2015

Week 3: Whiplash

Writer/Director Damien Chazelle
Seen: Saturday 17th January 2015
Location: Galway IMC
Snacks eaten: Minstrels and smuggled peanuts.
Mood: Inspired
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I knew I would like Whiplash from the moment I watched the trailer and subsequently heard rumblings of brilliance from various critics etc. I hadn’t realised however how much I would enjoy it! From the minute the film started I was gripped, swept up in the jazz infused tension, the blood, sweat and tears that goes into the struggle for absolute perfection.
Perfection and the struggle for perfection is at the core of this film, what would you be willing to give up and what lengths would you be prepared to go to to become the best?
The film centres around Andrew Nieman played by Miles Teller who is studying drums at the Shaffer Conservatory of Music in New York who gets into the band run by prestigious teacher, Terence Fletcher played by J.K. Simmons whose teaching methods are uncompromising (to say the least). Fletcher uses the tale of Charlie Parker who practised (it is said) manically after Count Basie’s drummer Jo Jones threw a cymbal at him for failing to keep tempo.Fletcher believes the path to greatness lies in pushing his pupils to the very edge. He pushes Nieman harder and harder and with every beat of the drum our protagonists desire to be renowned increases.
Needless to say the film reaches a clamorous, heart pounding crescendo and I left the film wanting to rush straight to a smoke filled jazz bar (preferably in New York!!!) to listen to so jazz. I live in Galway so this wasn’t possible BUT I certainly left feeling inspired and even after a few days the film is still rattling round my mind!
A brilliant, tense film full of wonderful performances which was definitely JUST my tempo!

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