Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Week 25: San Andreas

Director: Brad Peyton
Writer: Allan Loeb, Chad Hayes, Carlton Cuse, Carey Hayes
Seen: Sunday 21st June
Venue: IMC Galway
Snacks: Ice Cream
Mood: Shaken not stirred
screen-shot-2014-12-20-at-02-14-10.png (1808×1062)
You’ve got to hand it to Dwayne Johnson he has successfully transitioned from world famous wrestler to Hollywood blockbuster actor. However, without belittling what Johnson has done and without denying the huge charisma that he has, it arguably isn’t much of transition, especially when he is in films like San Andreas. San Andreas, like wrestling is totally over the top, unrealistic and predictable.
There are good things about this film, for example some of the CGI is impressive, but this is heavily outweighed by bad things especially the clichéd story line. Why can’t we have a disaster film that there isn’t a happy ending to? A disaster film where the world does actually end, now there’s a novel idea, not that I am sadist but it would be refreshing.
Look, San Andreas does what it says on the tin, it’s a popcorn, clichéd, action filled film that you don’t have to think too hard about and much like in a wrestling match, while the bad guy (bad guy in this case is an Earthquake) might win for a while the good guy always wins out in the end.
PS please let there be some good new releases next week *criesintohankie*

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